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EL405: Below Zero Portfolio #2 - Fall 2006

Yeah, it's that time again. Below I have listed all of the most important entries posted here on my weblog over the past several weeks. Please feel free to browse through them in any order, though the development journal for project 1 is probably best viewed in order from earliest to latest entry.

You can also view the first installment of the BZ Weblog Portfolio for the fall of 2006.

Project 1 Development Journal: the birth of "Consequences" - In this entry I describe my early work on the CST project and explain some of the plans I had for my game before I started running into problems and deadlines and found it necessary to withdraw some ambition. (Coverage, Timeliness, Depth)

EL405: Project 2 Proposal - Here I describe some of the ideas I had for an interactive poetry package created in Flash. I have since changed my direction for project 2, however, and will probably end up just expanding project 1. (Coverage, Timeliness, Depth, Discussion)

Project 1 Development Journal: So far, so good - In this entry I describe a playtesting session I had with Karissa in class and how it affected the development of my Inform game in its final project 1 stages. (Coverage, Interaction)

Project 1 Development Journal: Complete (for now) - Here I provide links for downloading the .z5 and .zblorb files for my first project for the semester, an IF game called "Consequences". I also briefly mention my development plans for the expansion of the game. (Coverage, Wildcard)

Flash photo slideshow - In this entry I describe the final Flash package I created with Lori, a photo slideshow with accompanying music. I hope to have the complete package available for download soon. (Coverage, Interaction)


Girl Meets World - A sound debate - Here I left two helpful comments on Amanda's blog with links to Flash resources.
Girl Meets World - Interactivity stinking up the Flash - Here I left a brief but supportive comment on Amanda's blog.


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