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Weblog Update

I've recently started working on changes to my weblog, updating it to make it run more smoothly and adjusting the general layout and style. Everything should be up and running normally now, but in the coming weeks I plan to tweak a few things and add some new features.

Any constructive criticism of the changes is welcome.



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Search engines do a pretty good job of scanning blogs these days, so I think it's probably fine to leave off the link-heavy sidebars that used to be a big part of blogs.

I'm trying to decide if I want to go back to a 3-column layout or not. At first I wondered if the boxes on the right go down to far, but now I'm starting to like the way that my entries don't look so imprisoned.

Yeah, that's essentially what I was going for.

When I first started to blog about three years ago, I saw this place mostly as a personal website (with the occasional forced academic blogging). But as I have worked towards completing my education at Seton Hill, I think I've started to gain a more mature appreciation for my blog's usefulness as a professional tool.

On the one hand, my blog has encouraged me to stay in touch with my, ah, whimsical side, while on the other hand it has encouraged me to start thinking about how I can apply that creativity and youthful energy to professional ideas and tasks.

I'll probably always indulge in my childish nature from time to time, but that's okay. There's a child in all of us, right? (I think mine's just a little more stubborn than most.)

To be honest, I hate the idea of letting go of that part of me, anyways. I don't want to stifle my passions and become an unimaginative adult. I believe it's the child in each of us that acts as our muse.

A bit of a digression, I guess.

This version looks crisper and more professional.

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