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My Schedule

This entry is meant for the sole purpose of providing me with easy access to an organized schedule and reminders of important matters.

Schedule for the Week of Sept. 27-Oct. 3, 2004

• Monday, Sept. 27, 2004:
-Reading assignments for MWG
-Continue studying for MWG test #1
-Begin writing essay #1 for MWG
-Finish essay #1 for Thinking and Writing
-Finish public document for philosophy (meeting at 3:30)

•Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2004:
-Turn in public document for philosophy (outside of class)
-Reading assignments for philosophy
-Complete navigation and images workshops for WFTI

•Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2004:
-Finish studying for MWG test #1
-Finish essay #1 for MWG
-Finalize journal for MWG
-Reading assignments for Thinking and Writing
-Begin working on report for FRS
-Meeting for the Setonian from 7-8 PM

•Thursday, Sept. 30, 2004:
-Attend lecture for Connections
-Complete assignment(s) for WFTI
-Meeting for the Setonian from 3:30-4:30 PM

•Friday, Oct. 1, 2004:

•Saturday, Oct. 2, 2004:
-Work from 1:30-7:30

•Sunday, Oct. 3, 2004:
-Work from 2:00-8:00


This is amazing Chris. You have everything in here and the postings about class to keep us on track are great thanks. I just wanted to say thanks.

I admire your organization and dedication. You seem like a true blogger!

It was about 2:30 AM when I updated this morning, Brian, so I could barely even read off of my computer screen.

It was those darn Moon Water Graveyards. ;)

Chris? You updated, but didn't comment?

I'm interested to know how the Crawfish/Crabcake Testimony is going to work out for you and how it relates to Connections.

And I'm pretty sure I noticed a typo. It's TGIF, not WFTI. Your Whale Fishing Turpentine Injector group project will just have to wait until Christmas break. You seem busy with too many other things.

Oh, and save a Setonian for me!

*Side Note* Tribal Blacklight Parties aren't how I would recommend a college student spend their weekends, by the way.

?! woah... 2010.

And do I really want to ask about the FRS thing?

Ah, Brian, we're getting a glimpse into the Seton Hill of 2010 (which by then will be known as "Idlewild/Soak Zone -- Greensburg".

Looks like I commented 6 years before the post. How about them apples?

2010 - If you have 6 years to do all that stuff you have nothing to worry about.

Hehe, French Reality Supermodels... Sad thing is, I would probably fail that test. ;P

Stop me if I'm wrong, but Seton Hill must have changed:

Monday, Sept. 20, 2004:
-Work from 6-10 PM
-Labor of Love essay for Thinking and Writing
-Reading assignments for Moon Water Graveyards
-Begin 2 philosophy essays
-Begn studying for French Reailty Supermodel test (Thursday)

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