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NYC: A taste of the Big Apple

Here are some memorable picture moments from the Seton Hill University trip to NYC (March 18-20).

[I'll add more details later... I have a class now, and some homework to finish after that.]

We discovered the "shrine of Elizabeth Ann Seton" not far from Battery Park and Ground Zero. Cool roots.

These are just some random, odd signs that were in one of the parks... Supposedly they're some kind of work of art.

This is the arch in Washington Square; we stopped right here to take a break from walking.

On the way back to the hotel one evening, we saw some crowds in one of the squares protesting the war in Iraq and the Patriot Act.

We watched some street performers pull of some cool dance moves; they even did a "human helicopter".

This is a view of the Statue of Liberty from the Statin Island Ferry; unfortunately, we couldn't get tickets for the Ellis Island Ferry in time.

Remember the hotel where Kevin stayed in the second "Home Alone" movie?

This is a picture of the lobby inside the Empire State Building.

In NYC, you're crammed everywhere you go; even between the buildings.

Amanda kept a watchful eye out for squirrels; I snuck this picture on her while she was too busy hunting to pay attention.

We were indeed the coolest celebrities in NYC... Or at least in the near-deserted Central Park Zoo.


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It's a good thing no one really asked for anything, because I never got to check my blog again before the end of my stay in NYC... We had to change hotels, and the one we moved to charged crazy internet access rates.

My pics are up now: http://blogs.setonhill.edu/AmandaCochran/008528.html.

By the way, I've thought about it and you really don't have to bring "something pretty" back--you'll do. :-D

Something pretty.

Hmm, I'm in a hotel near NYC w/ a connection (thankfully)... Anyone want me to bring something back this time?

The only thing I'm stirring is the ego of Dennis Jerz as a father. Geez Amanda, since when did I become a super villain? *hides the Green Goblin mask*

Neha - Thanks for that, I'm glad you like 'em. I'm going to be posting more NYC pics here, soon, too... I'm going there again over Easter break, with my family.

I'd hardly call that "stirring up trouble."

Oh Stephan, what are we going to do with you, stirring up trouble at every turn?

Dennis, you're a great father and a wonderful husband

Dennis you are so sensative

Chris, you're turning out to be a dynamite photographer. Those are amazing pictures!

Okay, maybe I would.

It was fun watching you act like Godzilla; I would not have stopped that scene if the mounted NYC police were on their way. ;-)


Actually, I saw a kid crawling through it just before I got on, so I thought it was okay... Hehe.

You're right, Chris; it was in that park.

I don't think it was to crawl on, though--I think it was an art exhibit. I remember seeing a title plate on the base of the buildings, but I didn't say anything... :-D

Hmm, that's a good question, Dr. Jerz... I don't remember exactly where it was, but it was probably in the square near Battery Park and the docks... Just a few blocks from there, I think.

Sounds like you're a pretty cool dad. I don't think your son and his friends would have been able to knock these buildings over, though; they were made of steel or something like that. :P

Where did you take the picture with the small buildings? My son is a Godzilla fan... last month, I built a miniature city from cardboard boxes, and his friends got to put on monster costumes and destroy it for his birthday. But my miniature city didn't look anything like yours!

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