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Can't take the heat

Much to my dismay, it seems that the warm weather of spring (and eventually summer) have finally started to creep back into the world.

I stepped outside today, outfitted in one of my favorite ensembles: jeans, long-sleeved shirt, and heavy leather jacket, expecting the same frigid conditions we had here yesterday; of course, as one can tell from a quick glance out the nearest window, it's "beautiful" out there.

I felt horribly uncomfortable the moment I walked out the door, and after thinking on it, I realized how much I really do hate hot weather. It's not just because I was dressed warmly; I generally despise being too warm, in general. It seems like most people I know love summer, the beach, and plenty o' sunshine; however, I much prefer wintry snow, ice, and rain. I'm really hoping for the bizarre weather patterns to continue this season (Christmas in July would be nice).

So, if you happen to see me sometime in the next few months, and I look like I have a constant fever, it's nothing serious; I'm simply trying to deal with one of my mortal enemies.


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Thanks for your concern, Sam, but I wouldn't want everyone else to freeze for my sake. :)

Nessa, you're probably right: skating has helped me grow more accustomed to cold temperatures. I just wish that I still had time for skating, so I could go to cool off every once in a while; maybe this summer I can pick it up again, if only just for fun.

Karissa, I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed by this past winter, as well; I expected the snow and icy weather to get a grip on PA long before Christmas. Not to mention, I never got to build a snowman with my sisters (that's one of our favorite winter activities).

Well, typically I'd agree that I'd rather be too cold than too warm, but I was miserable this past winter. I love snow. I love evreything about winter, but this winter just kind of jaded me I suppose. I'm welcoming the change in weather pattern--even if it is screwy--and perhaps Amanda can teach you to love summer. That's really her favorite... She's commented aversely to many of my loving postings about snow :-)

Chris- that's sick. Warm weather is amazing and I thank God it's finally here. But, what can you expect from an ice skater? haha

I noticed you are a fan of the heavy winter attire and I do understand because as much as I love the nice weather it isn't that great all the time. I think it's so beautiful when it snows and sometimes I like to be all cozy and warm. I think the sunshine does sometime to people's mind, makes them crazy, me too! I think the glimpse of sun is just something that we need.
If you must suffer maybe we can turn up the air in Admin and put some frost into the class for ya.

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