Roberts Ch. 2

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I was not looking forward to reading this chapter in Writing About Literature. I went in to it with the attitude that I already knew how to write a decent paper and that I was not going to learn anything new. I was wrong. I never considered including the text and numbering the sentences for easy reader reference. Not only will it help the reader of my paper follow my thoughts, but it would also make the writing process go much smoother. I wonder though, how professors would feel about the implementation of this method in papers that have a certain page limit... While I did not read the example essays in the text word for word because I do not like to be influenced by others' opinions or points when I think I might have to write a paper on the same work one day, I did skim through them to see what the author chose to address and emphasize. This chapter was also considerably shorter than the first review chapter which was also much appreciated.

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