Adolescence is Rough...

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I loved On Turning Ten by Billy Collins. I have always thought that being a child was far more complicated than adults ever let on. Just because they do not have the same problems to worry about DOES NOT mean that they do not have problems. I get the feeling from the poem that the narrator is going through a mid-life crisis at the ripe old age of ten because he his fondly looking back on his childhood memories and then says how the world is starting to change: "This is the beginning of sadness, I say to myself,/ . . . It is time to say goodbye to my imaginery friends,/ time to turn the first big numer" (24,26,27). He goes on to talk about how he always felt invulnerable when he was younger, but now he is more aware of his mortality: ". . . now when I fall upon the sidewalks of life,/ I skin my knees. I bleed" (31,32). The transitions we go through as children can be very jarring and I think that this poem shows that... not that I had quite this much of a dramatic experience entering into the double digits. Also, I think that it is even more important now to realize that children can have to sometimes deal with very adult problems because of the rapid change in what children can learn and see and hear from the media and at home from their care-takers. Children now are much more mentally mature than they were when our parents were growing up.


Jessica Orlowski said:

Cody! I completely agree with you. Kids know what's going on. It's the "Hannah Montana mentality." I mean... if this generation is bad, what's it going to be like for the rest of the generations to come?

Cody Naylor said:

I know! Children are just going to keep getting more mentally mature than the next generation... it's kind of scary.

Brooke Kuehn said:

I agree. Kids are forced to grow up so much faster nowadays due to the media. Also, i think that all kids go through a turning point in their lives when they realize that life is not as peachy as it seems. For those who may have been abused or who grew up in poverty this lesson would have been learned early on in childhood. I just had to read a book in my children's lit class called Al Capone Does My Shirts. it is about a 12-13 yr old boy who has an autistic older sister. He is treated almost as if he is a third parent to her. A child like this one saw the unfair reality of life since the day he was born.

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