Chapter 4... Digging Deeper

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As we progress through Writing About Literature topics are starting to come up that I am a little less familiar with, which is nice because I do enjoy learning. Chapter four, which deals primarily with point of view, which is, of course, something we are all familiar with, brings up several points that I had never really stopped to consider. The most notable for me are the tips the chapter gives about writing about point of view. The author suggests asking questions as we read in order to discover the point of view of the characters and the overall story itself. I think this will be useful during the note-taking that I now do when I read... not only will I write down important events and passages... I will now jot down questions as I read... Why did this character say that? Why did that character react the way that they did?... I also enjoyed the example exercise on page 78 with the fictional car accident. The author asked the reader to imagine how the points of view of all the different people, both involved in the accident and witnessing it, would differ. I also enjoyed the passage on page 80 that stated that point of view is not the same thing as opinion. Yes, characters' and authors' opinions can sneak their way into the point of view and how the story is told, but point of view more importantly involves the language, narrator, and the perspective from which the story is told. While this was still a review chapter in many ways, I think it was the most helpful of the four that we have read so far. I am anxious to see what will come next as we dig deeper into this textbook...


Josie Rush said:

It's a really good idea to write questions in your notes. Sometimes I get so caught up in making sure my notes have the *answers* that I lose my first impressions of the work.

Aja Hannah said:

I always jot down questions when I read as my "notes". I'm curious as to what your notes are if they aren't questions.

Dianna Griffin said:

I don't typically take notes unless I am forced to, but I do tend to ask myself questions as I am reading. Maybe I should take Josie and Aja's advice and do a little note taking. It might prove to be helpful.

Josie Rush said:

Aja, when I take notes they're generally just bits of what the professor or my classmates said. I may read something and idly wonder what it means, but I hardly ever convert my thoughts to paper if they're questions. It seems really obvious now, and I'm a little embarassed I'm such a subpar note taker after so many years. heh.

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