Who's the Real Fool?!

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In Mark Twain's Luck, the Reverend who is sharing the many happy mistakes that Lieutenant-General Lord Arthur Scoresby has made throughout his military career makes it a point to portray the man as a complete and utter fool. However, it is the Reverend, the once-teacher of Scoresby, who has harbored bitterness and envy toward his former pupil for so many years that comes across as the true fool in the story. As the Reverend is sharing Scoresby's stories with a fellow dinner guest, it is made clear that Scoresby has seemingly lucked into every victory he has ever earned on the battle field. However, the Reverend ignores the fact that however Scoresby managed to defeat his foes in battle, he DID, in fact, achieve victory... the Reverend is just jealous that Scoresby has gone further in life than he has and is carrrying a rather large chip on his shoulder...

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