Could it be?!

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Ok... This blog is going to be full of here-say and pure speculation, but they are MY speculations and this is MY blog so I am going to do it. Book 2 started out with an equally eerie brochure-like statement from some unknown representative for an insane asylum. However, after reading through Book 2, I think that maybe these introductions to the book are being told by the spokesperson for heaven or hell or some limbo-like state in between them. I think that Green Palms, the nursing home that Alice and Corvus end up volunteering at, serves as a Limbo of sorts... the people there are going to die very soon and this is the place they come to wait while they are being judged. While God, the angels, the saints, Allah- whoever you believe does this- reviews their lives and decides whether or not they should go to heaven or hell, they just sit, half-dead at Green Palms awaiting the day that they can pass on... Perhaps the next little intro at the beginning of Book 3 will provide more insight?!


Aja Hannah said:

That's an interesting idea. I wonder what it would mean for the people (like Alice) who volunteer there. Are they voluntarily walking into death (a little grim here) like suicide? They are there by their own will (volunteers and nurses), but are they stuck there by something else? Guilt? Money?

Does this forshadow why Alice "should have" turned 16?

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