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I have a few stories that I am going to follow for this assignment:

1. NASA's ridiculous decision to launch a rocket at the moon and blow off a small part of it to see if there is indeed ice on the moon. I feel that the rest of the world should be pretty pissed about this because it is not NASA's own personal moon to just blow up! I really hope this story keeps developing... the reactions should be pretty entertaining.

2. Obama's "earning" the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. While I generally support Obama and did, indeed, vote for him, I really feel like he DID NOTHING to earn this prestigious honor. In an article on this event on the Trib Review's website, they say he earned the prize for some policies he is trying to enact which will reduce Nuclear weapons and make peace with Muslim nations. THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING AND JUST SIMPLY TRYING TO ENACT POLICIES THAT MAY OR MAY NOT BE EFFECTIVE!! I feel that he does not deserve this honor and I hope that reactions outraged reactions ensue...

3. East Hills teacher admits to hitting a 10-year-old student. The woman pled guilty already, but hopefully more new will develop on this story.

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