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Ok... there are several things I would like to talk about in this blog on the last section...

1. " 'It's a rerun,' her granny said, 'We've seen it all before' " (210).

The fact that Alice's granny says this while they are discussing some particularly gruesome behavior by people they have hear about on the news (such as planes crashing, women eating their mothers' ashes, men shooting loved ones, people doing "smack", and women cutting babies out of other women's stomachs) shows the reader that human beings, the whole wretched lot of them, are capable of anything and now that we have the media constantly showing and telling us everything that every horrible person does we, as humans, have become rather jaded to all of this deplorable violence. I liked this section and I am glad that Williams snuck this message in there!

2. "The hours between two and dawn were like a gift that only a few unwrapped, a puzzling, luminous gift" (217).

I don't have much to say about this... BUT I LOVE IT!! I am a bit of an insomniac so I am definitely one of those people who have unwrapped this awesome gift!

3. My theory about the introductions to each book seems to have not come to fruition... They are basically ignored! Also... I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE ENDING!! Someone please help me!

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