More than just fan-fiction

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It is one of those crazy times in the semester when portfolios are due and I am scrambling to catch up on blog entries that I have neglected... So here goes:

I keep hearing the phrase "fan-fiction" being thrown around in reference to Goodnight, Desdemona and it is rather frustrating. I do not see the play as fan-fiction at all, but a rather creative work that happens to take place partially in the Shakespearean world.

Fan-fiction takes the story, movie, videogame, etc. that it is based on and tells different stories either with familiar or unfamiliar characters to that particular universe. What Macdonald does in this play is tell her OWN story... the story of Constance Ledbelly... and her main character happens to find herself in two of Shakespeare's works. This is COMPLETELY different than someone sitting down and writing about different adventures that Desdemona and Othello went on that Shakespeare never wrote about (an example of fan-fiction, for those of you who didn't catch the drift).

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