Wordsworth's Words: Get Off Your Lazy @$$!!

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Despite Wordsworth spending his life writing poems, he advises anyone who reads his piece, The Tables Turned, to put down the dusty, old book they are currently engaged in, which would more than likely be a book filled with his own florid poetry, and go outside and enjoy nature's beautiful bounty. He basically warns the reader that they will become fat if they do not go outside and excercise in the line: "Up! up! my Friend, and quit your books;/ Or surely you'll grow double" (340, 1-2).

I just enjoyed the hipocracy at work in this poem... however, it does fit into the descriptions of romanticism that we discussed in class such as the appreciation of nature and the praise of the common man values... this makes sense since Wordsworth was one of the fathers of the British Romantic movement...

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