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J. Better Come Through...

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"This is some far-out shit, this is a fucking ironic way to" (76).

I would like to start out that, though I am thus far unsure whether or not I am going to like this book, I really appreciate it when authors do not shy away from the nitty-gritty language that people use every day, especially in the dialogue of their characters... it makes things seem more real. It also makes me feel like I am reading a story intended for more mature audiences and that I am not being "spoken down to" by the author... a feeling that truly aggravates me like no other. So, at least in this regard, Colson Whitehead is OK in my book. 

Yes, for those of you reading this... I did lead in with that quote because I really couldn't find any other specific one that I wanted for a blog and decided to have a mini-blog regarding it... now... to the story. I enjoy that J. Sutter, the main character, is a journalist, a career that I actually hope to hold one day, asigned to cover the John Henry Days festival. While J. Sutter is described as an "inveigler of invites and slayer of crudités, this drink ticket fondler and slim tipper, open bar opportunist, master of vouchers, queue-jumping wrangler of rangler of reciepts" (56), I genuinely hope that J. will eventually grow in the story to overcome these stereotypical cliches that are often associated with the typical, cynical journalist. I always get slightly defensive when people make stereotypical comments about something that I am or hope to one day be... sorry. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I really hope that J. manages to fulfill this shattering of stereotypes because I feel that whether he does or not will have great impact on how I end up feeling about the book overall.

On a lighter note, I do usually enjoy books that intertwine historical events and a modern-day plot so I hope there will me more to come about John Henry himself... only time will tell, however... 

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