March 1, 2007

C-PAC Day 1: Getting There was Half the Battle

lost_julian.jpgGetting to D.C. wasn't too bad-- considering that you only really need to take a few highways to get there, we didn't have a lot of problems. Finding the Motel 6 was another story. Thanks to awkward directions from MapQuest, we ended up giving ourselves a "nickel and dime" tour of the historic D.C. area, including a double visit to Arlington National Cemetery.

Driving around D.C. is like driving a car down the street in "Paperboy." Things are jumping out between cars, dogs are running everywhere, people are changing lanes, and there may be a mummy here or there. Megan informed us that this was normal for drivers in Maryland... it was rough for us Pennsylvanians, that's for sure. After circling through D.C. for an hour, looking frantically for a place to park, we wound up at the Washington Mall. For about twenty minutes, our cars were separated and we actually passed each other going opposite directions.

We found parking spaces right along the Washington Mall. It was the perfect place to get out, stretch, and give the Atlas a once-over. Thankfully, luck was on our side, and we were actually on the road that would lead directly to Motel 6 (7th St.). Of course, we were at the near-bottom of the D.C. triangle, and the motel was at the very top-- we had a bit more driving to do.

All in all, the supposed 4-hour trip turned into a 7-hour adventure. But we got to see some cool monuments and have some laughs (and scares).

Posted by MikeRubino at March 1, 2007 7:49 PM