March 2, 2007

C-PAC Day 2: Chance Encounters

Friday's visit to C-PAC was fantastic-- maybe because we actually had a full-night's sleep. We woke up early and made our way, via the Metro, over to the hotel early to make sure we caught the global warming panel discussion.

mike_dinesh.jpgThe majority of the speakers and panels were featured in the Regency Ballroom. The trick to this room, which was filled with hundreds of chairs and television cameras, was to grab some seats and stay in them for as long as possible. You could conceivably stay in these chairs for the entire day and enjoy a rapid-fire line-up of speakers. We got there in time for the global warming discussion and stayed to see presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, a discussion about the 08 election featuring Michael Barone, and, of course, a fantastic speech from Rudy Giuliani.

But it was after Rudy that we had our chance encounters. We left the hotel to get some grub across the street when suddenly all traffic was halted by a police officer on a motorcycle. Everyone had to stand on the street corners, and we began to wonder if there was some sort of emergency. A fleet of police sirens came screaming down the street and they were followed by, none other than, the presidential motorcade!

It was an incredible coincidence that the presidential motorcade was suddenly two feet from us, screaming by the Omni Shoreham. Riding in the motorcade, and clearly visible by us stuck on the curb, was Vice President Dick Cheney! There is also debate as to whether or not we saw President Bush in the car following Cheney (he was seen on the news landing in Air Force One about an hour afterwards in Kansas). Vice President Cheney spoke later that evening at C-PAC.

After lunch, our group split up so that some of the CRs could visit museums while others stayed at C-PAC for panel discussions. That afternoon, Ann Coulter was speaking to a packed house in the Regency Room-- we weren't about to stand in line all afternoon to see her. But, Karissa and I did have the chance to bump into her after she was finished speaking to the Young America's Foundation. Ann popped out of the small conference room to shake hands with some important people, and there we were! It was cool to just sort of run in to her, and see how she acts when she isn't in front of thousands of supporters-- I can report that she acts the same.

These sorts of conferences are great for just running into people that you may know or admire. I had the great opportunity to also run into Dinesh D'Souza, author of "Letters to a Young Conservative," while he was hanging out at his publisher's booth in the Exhibit Hall.

Posted by MikeRubino at March 2, 2007 9:43 PM