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Blurbs can make or break a site!

Blurbs: Writing Previews of Web Pages

"A good web blurb should make a clear, simple statement about what you will find on the other end of a link." - Dennis G. Jerz

Before this class, I had no idea what a 'blurb' was. I had never even heard of the word ferchrissakes. But now, I realize that it makes or breaks the 'linkage' of a website. I used to click on links, and on the other end would be crap. It would be stuff that didn't even have to deal with the topic at hand. Sometimes, it would even be spyware. Now, I know that every link that has a good blurb will not always turn out what you think it will be, but here is my rationale: If the link has a good blurb, describing what is on the other end, then it is usually legitimate.

When making a website, I have to have the users trust me. I need to make concise, yet informative blurbs for my links. This will let me bond with the site users in a way. I want users to return to my site, and the best way to create trust, is to be honest and clear with your information, as well as your links.


That's a great way of phrasing the "take-home lesson," Corey.

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