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Warning! The following quotes may make you think!

"A Genre is born as a response to an audience's questions, needs, wishes, fantasies : Writers don't start genres, audiences do." - Chapter 11

This is a quote I can agree with. A genre starts with thousands of texts from individual writers, because a certain group requested them. As more people join the group and request certain things, more texts are concieved. Thus, a genre is born.

"Go ahead, reassure me". - Chapter 12

This is a quote that has to deal with internet privacy. A lot of Internet users don't actually read these policies. I agree that you should put a privacy policy link on each page of the site. Soon, the Internet user will see it so much, that it will begin to pique his interest.

"Internet news releases go out as e-mail, not paper sheets, and they must be written for the screen" - Chapter 13

This says that the basic structure of news releases on the web is alright, but the prose needs tweaking for the web. People care about what saves them time. If you write a book report about some breaking story, no one will want to read it. They need concise, time-saving paragraphs. Trust me, your audience will like it this way.

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