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A chilling tale. . .

London, ''To Build a Fire'' -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

"His wet feet froze the faster, and his exposed fingers numbed the faster, though they had not yet begun to freeze. Nose and cheeks were already freezing, while the skin of all his body chilled as it lost its blood."

Reading this short story really gave me the chills. AHAHA. (pun intended). No, but really. I usually start a story out by skimming through its entirety and then go back and read. While skimming, I found the words that London uses to be extremely frigid, emotionless, and just plain...cold.

He babbles on and on about darkness, cold, frigidness, frost, arctic, winter, etc. I felt as if the story was unwelcoming because of the vocabulary that he used. Needless to say, he set a tone and an atmosphere that I think he was definitely trying to reach.

To me, each of the past four stories we have read had certain "feels" to them. Everyman had a distinct feeling of hopelessness, because it was a story about man being abandoned in times of need. "The Machine Stops" felt like a futuristic wheel of fortune, never knowing how things will end up. "The River" felt like a hot summer's day, with the sun beaming down on everything Bevel was involved with.

I guess the feel of the stories is the connection that I have noticed, to sum it all up.


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