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A lost art of study...

Truss, Eats, Shoots and Leaves -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

"Send back e-mails that are badly punctuated; return letters, picket Harrods. Who cares if members of your family abhor your Inner Stickler and devoutly wish you had an inner Scooby-Doo instead?"

I feel kind of bad for these "sticklers" out there. I, for one, love to punctuate properly. It makes me feel accomplished and organized. But I am certainly no stickler. I am one of those people who use AIM and punctuate everything properly, as well as in my text messages. It looks nice, and makes you feel smart. But I do not get upset when people use "internet dialect" to talk to me, so long as I can understand it. The book mentions a banner that says, "CD's, DVD's, Video's, Book's", and how the author got upset about it. Why, man? Things change in our society, and in our speaking. Accept the change. It has been hard for me and my family to accept it all, but we are able to communicate using abbreviated words in our text messages / notes to each other, etc. It saves time, and gets the point across just as well. I hope after reading this book, I do not become a stickler. . . Or I will be pissed.


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