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Akira Korusawa <3's King Lear

Shakespeare, King Lear Acts 1,2 -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

Wow. Good point, BETH! Goneril does sound like a horrible name. And it aptly fits the character. She is a horrible person, and I can see how the techniques of having a name describe a character dates back to even Shakespeare's time. It kinda sounds like a certain disease that males and females can obtain. ::shudder::

But really, I feel that these girls are just plain evil. I moderately respect Cordelia for giving King Lear the blunt truth, but the other two have committed an act that is almost unforgivable. But, on the contrary, I think that King Lear is just as corrupt. What kind of guy has his daughters compete for his love? That is wrong too. And don't even get me started on his idiocy. Grrrr...Derek made a good point when he said how shocking it was when he read how the daughters thought King Lear was in the way.

I don't know. I've never read this story, so it's all kinda new to me. It reminds me of a Japanese film by Zhang Yimou called Curse of The Golden Flower. Also, I saw a movie by legendary Akira Korusawa called "Ran" which is a Japanese version of King Lear. I <3 IT!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111


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That's a really interesting connection and one that I definitely would not have found on my own. The fact that Shakespeare's work affects people of all languages is surely a testament to his genius. Usually, when a work is translated it loses a little of its strength. While this might be slightly true with some aspects of Shakespeare's work, his ability to create a universally complex plot interests a person no matter what language he reads it in.

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