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Dat dude! Da Green Man!

Kennedy, "Shakespare's King Lear" -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

"Darnel prevents corn from growing; hemlock is poisonous; and the cuckoo-flowers suggest madness. All of the plants Cordelia lists are noxious, bitter tasting, or contain skin irritants."

This might be the best argument in the whole article. It really gives support to the image of King Lear wearing the crown of weeds, and connection to the Green Man. It was good that Ms. Kennedy pointed out the parasitic nature of these plants listed by Cordelia. I also liked how she pointed out that in centuries back, The Green Man's relationship between human and earth was hostile.

It was also cool to figure out that this "green man" has changed image throughout time, by being portrayed as Robin Hood, and the Green Knight in Sir Gawain. But, even with all this change, the Green Man's motives and relationships have withstood time. He is the same person, just recreated every few hundred years.


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I thought this was significant as well. It was really interesting to read about the mythological symbolism alluded to by Shakespeare in King Lear. I never knew how big a role it played in the storyline.

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