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I am the milk of human kindness. Really.

Zunder, "Shakespeare and the End of Feudalism..." -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

"She [Coredelia] represents the inner humanity within feudal relations that rested upon the maintenance of mutual obligation. She is what Shakespeare in a later play was to call the 'milk of human kindness'."

It's all in the name, dude. I go back to what I blogged about a few days ago --> A lot of author's can give away a character's flaws and attributes through their name. Just listen to it. Cordelia. Doesn't it sound like a flower in a meadow? I think it does. :-)

She is the 'milk of human kindness', because eventually, she professes to her father that she loves her unlike any of her siblings. They share a bond that no other people in this play have. She is not motivated by material things, but instead, is obligated to love King Lear, because he is her father. And a caring one, at that.


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