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Independence can only get you so far

Card, Ender's Game Finish -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

I liked the realization that Ender doesn't have hate towards his brother. All he wants is to be able to have a mutual love for him, and vice versa. Ender knows so much more about himself than he did at the beginning.
I didn't like how the leaders wanted Ender, the *protagonist*, to be as independent as he was. To me, a main character who relies only on himself is attributes to his bigheadedness. But, Ender sort of went against what they wanted in the Third Invasion. Although I felt that he could have been more involved with others, the story finished on a climactic scale. I'm interested in the other books that Card wrote in this series, only to find out if his characters end up the same way?


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Good observation. the story would not have nearly the same impact if it were not for ender's internal conflict. The stuggle to be himself, while conforming to his surroundings and the expectations of his instuctors made for two different outlooks on almost every situation. Ender's stuggle was not with the people around him, but with himself, and by the end of the story he has not only figured that out, but has started to solidify some morals and construct a set of ideals. i would also be very interested to see how the characters develope from this point on.

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