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Tastycake Productions presents: PORTFOLIO 2

Portfolio 2 -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

Alright. *Sigh*. This is the second portfolio for ED150 this semester, and blogging just seems like a habit anymore. I don't even question whether I want to do it or not, I just do, so I don't look like a dummy in class. :)

This is a collection of some of the stuff I've accomplished through the first 2/3 of the semester. I feel that I have made leaps and bounds in understanding literature, especially that lunatic Flannery O'Connor. >:O Check it out, maybe this portfolio could help you understand the lunacy of some of the stuff that we've had to read. Good luck!

- Catchy first paragraphs...
- The rhythm's used in poetry.
- Short poetry and how it is effective.
- The woes of graduate school.
- What people want to read.
- Sticklers for grammar. ::shudder::
- Shifty Mr. Shiftlet, more like CRAZY FLANNERY O'CONNOR. >:O
- More crazy O'Connor
- The Misfit was the protagonist, darnit!
- A late encounter with the enemy.
- A blog written in blank verse... ::shudder::


These next blogs were entry's in which I went into a bit more depth than usual. I feel that they present some pretty solid thoughts, and can be considered controversial. I'm pretty proud of that.

- How I've progressed in the understanding of Flannery O'Connor
- What I really felt about the Misfit.


These are my peers' entries that I have commented on, shared my ideas, and analyzed what they have to say. Here are a few of my favorite ones.

- Derek's Blog
- Blank Verse Commenting. It was...fun?
- Maggie Jones' blank verse entry.


These next blogs sparked conversation, because I think that they brought up some controversial or debatable issues. Enjoy!

- A Clash of Ideas
- Punctual Agreement


This blog entries prove that I can be punctual in my blogging. They can arrive on time, and potentially spark good discussion. Some don't, but hey, it's alright!

- Alliterations are so fun.
- Understanding diction


This section of my portfolio proves that I am able to be the first person to comment on someone else's blog. I guess it shows responsibility and an initiate to get ahead.
Mike's *thought-provoking* entry.

- Kayla's massive blog.


The wildcard is probably my best entry out of the batch. It shows how I have developed and changed as a Seton Hill Blogger, and indicates my level of comprehension on the stuff we read. I couldn't choose one entry, so I have two wildcards. I hope no one minds!

- A Late Encounter with the Enemy - At the start of the O'Connor stories, I had no idea what was going on. I didn't have any clue what techniques she was using, or why. This entry is one of the last stories we read from O'Connor, and it really proves how much I've grown so that the stories make sense to me.
- The Misfit, and the Mystery of Evil - This blog was one of my best. I expressed a debatable thought, and was able to have my peers' comment what they felt. Because of this blog, I have taken into account what my peers have said about the Misfit, and how he was truly an evil character.



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