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The day the sun went out

Card, Ender's Game Ch 1-6 -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

After reading the first few chapters of Ender’s Game, I was kind of surprised by how much depth there really is to this science-fiction novel. First off, I know that Ender, being the third child born into a world that only permits two children per couple, is significant. But I found myself wondering if maybe this had deeper meaning? I also feel that the monitor on the back of his neck could also signify something. Is Orson Scott Card referring to the book, 1984? It seems to be so.
With his acceptance into the Battle School, I found myself thinking, “Shouldn’t he have been punished or reprimanded for his crimes?”. I mean, he did kill Stilson. But I guess in this day and age, anything goes. It turned out that Ender was actually accepted into the Battle School, solely because he acted out violently towards Stilson. And just to think about the armies that fight in zero-gravity with laser guns, is just freaking cool.


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I found the third child very interesting as well. When you think about when this novel was written, it is strange to see how bigger families today have decreased. Most families I know have about 1-3 children in it, and I thought this talk of how many children was shockingly similar to the situation in China.

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