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Portfoolio 3

Portfolio 3 -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

Well, the semester is finally over. This last 1/3 of EL150 was a bit hectic, but here is what I have to show for it all!

King Lear, Acts 1,2
King Lear, Acts 3-5
King Lear as The Green Man?
It's all in a name.
Ender's Game, Chapters 1-6
Ender's Game, Finish

Depth: This was an area where I felt that I surpassed what was presented on the page in the book, and came up with some of my own thoughts.

The Battle School
Making inferences about Cordelia

Interaction: This was where I was active on others' blogs.

Bethany's Blog
Michael's Blog
Bethany Bouchard's blog.

Discussion: This was where some of my peers commented on my blogs, making valid points and sparking new ideas.

Mike, talking about Ender's inner struggles.
Bethany Merryman, talking about the size of families, in relation to Ender's Game.
Jara, talking about the drama in King Lear

Timeliness: Although this area was slacking in my blogs, I still completed a few blogs that were more than 12 hours before class! Check 'em out!

King Lear, Acts 3-5
Ender's and his independence.

Xenoblogging: Here are a few times that I left the first comment on other people's blogs. Some of these comments are pretty in depth, too.

Bethany Bouchard on Wit

Mike Poiarkoff on Wit
Mike Poiarkoff on Ender's Game
Bethany Merryman's thoughts on Ender's Game

Wildcard: It's that time. This is the one entry I want everyone to see. LETS GET BUCKWILD!!!!!!!!111111

Shakespeare and the End of Feudalism. . .


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