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The existence of Mrs. Boyle is no longer a fable!

I couldn't believe she existed! She was there in the flesh, and I actually got to speak with her! ::faints:: Alright. Let me collect myself.

On Wednesday's class, we had a mock press conference with SHU President, JoAnne Boyle. Up until class, I had always thought she was a fabled character, only spoken about in hushed voices. But, she turned out to be very charismatic, energetic, and socially-engaging. Her presence actually made me want to ask questions. Usually, I'm a quiet kid in class, but I felt that this was my opportunity to fire away at "the big cheese." It also helped that I did my 1st article dealing with a background story of Seton Hill Football (a team that she helped create). I didn't have the chance to ask her these questions during the interview process, but it was nice to finally know her opinions on such matters as the goods/bads of the football team thus far. The mock conference was also cool because I got to see a glimpse into the future of SHU. Rumors of a new dorm? A new dining hall? A new building devoted to the arts? Whoa. Things are definitely looking bright for this institute, and I could only see that through JoAnne Boyle's description.

One last thing that I thought was really great to see was that the President of a major university took the time out of her hectic schedule, in order to do a *MOCK* press conference. It made me think that she really cares about us, as students. It gave me a whole new appreciation for the staff/faculty and my fellow students at SHU.


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I thought you did a great job with the questions that you were asking and the way you kept on with the question after the first time it wasn't really answered.

Yes, Dr Boyle is one of those often spoke of, seldom seen presences on campus (like Carol Zola-has anyone ever seen her?)You could clearly see that she likes to interact with the students (being a teacher herself). I felt that she did lean too much towards the good aspects ofthe football team, and didn't have any comments on the problems that (I'm sure) go along with instituting a football team. I kind of choked up because I didn't want to grill the president of the university on something negative that one of her decisions might have caused.

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