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Verify or duck!?

"In this chapter we'll look at some examples of stories that became bigger than they should have been when reporters did not confuse their readers (or, perhaps, themselves) with some of the relevant facts."

Is it really the reporters fault that they are pulling false numbers? The numbers that they pull usually aren't researched by them. Isn't it typical for an editor, or some other outside source to pull up the statistics for a story? So if these statistics that are pulled for the story confuse the reader, who are we to blame? I know it all goes back to the rule of "Verify or Duck", but shouldn't that go for the editor as well? Like Bethany Merryman said, I am very scared of writing scientific data. Even if it is remotely incorrect, it will backfire in my face. Mistakes are easy to make when writing in this industry, and stats and facts only make it easier to screw up.


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You could not have said it any better-it was like you wrote this during class today. Good observations on the idea of looking at the process-prove yourself!

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