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The public's skewed opinion. . .

"53% of Americans said they believed the press has too much freedom."

Hmm...this is one of the most interesting figures in Best Practices for Newspaper Journalists. I would really like to know how many people that they polled for this figure. They generalize this statement so much, by saying that they surveyed ALL Americans. Not possible. I was never asked this question. I, in fact, think that the news doesn't have enough freedom. My case in point, look at all the rules for Journalism. Where's the freedom there? I wouldn't have to take this class, if the press had too much freedom. I wouldn't have to pay thousands of dollars to take a class just to learn the rules and regulations of journalism.

From writing news stories first hand, I am an advocate that news writers need even more freedom. From the grammatical rules, to the amount of information that we can / can't reveal in a news story, the freedom that the public thinks news writers have isn't there. The Best Practices for Newspaper Journalists book illustrates the public's skewed opinion of journalism.


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and where does this figure exactly come from? what was the group specifically polled? wasn't there a section in IANS about skewering polling? After that chapter, I have become suspect of any statistic and know the red flags.If the press had too much freedom, that infernal AP Style Handbook would not exist. There wouldn't be an en tire section on how to spell out correct titles and names. The press doesn't have too much freedom; we have a lot of rigid rules.
If anything, we need a little more freedom. (believe me, I had an article banned from the Setonian once because there were two words that were deemed offensive).

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