Genetic Lunacy

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"You're blind when you want to be blind, and you're deaf when you want to be deaf"- pg 18

Wide Sargasso Sea


Antoinette (or "Bertha" as she is called in Jane Eyre) was pre-disposed to odd behavior. She grew up hated by the natives because she was a mixed child, half jamacian and half english. Antoinette lived in basically isolation her entire childhood because no one wanted anything to do with her or her family (the quote meaning that people ignore what they do not want to deal with). She is considered neither black nor white. She belongs to no group. Her mother began to lose it, talking to herself and neglecting her children. . All Antoinette wanted was a friend, and it seems the only friend she had was Christophine, the maid. (maybe like Bessie was to Jane?). While Antoinette spent the rest of her childhood in a convent, Jane spent hers at Lowood (which was practically a convent). With no one who cared about her in the world (it seemed) it is a wonder how similar her and Jane's childhoods were, yet how differently they both turn out.

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I found those parallels too. You're right. It is amazing how differently the two turned out.

Throughout colonial Jamaican history, race has been a tug-of-war game that has affected every one who ever lived there. Since Antonette is (quoting Richard Rodriguez) a "brown character", she seems to be separated from most of the community in Wide Sargasso Sea. She is separated in Coulbri as musch as she is separated from everyone in Jane Eyre because she was in the attic.

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