It's all HIS fault

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"In Wide Sargasso Sea, he is the immediate manifestation and enforcer of the network of patriarchal codes (sexism, colonialisn, the English Law, and the "law" which demarcates and creates sanity and insanity" (1)

Edward Rochester and the Margins of Masculinity in Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea

Well, if that isn't one of the most feministic statements I've ever heard. But, the theory of a man causing lunacy is an interesting thought. I mean, all the signs were there. When exactly did Rochester start behaving indifferent towards Antoinette? After he receiced that letter from her brother. Shortly afterwards, we saw a remarkable change in Antoinette (a change for the worse). As Rochester's hold became increasingly tighter on her, her behavior became more and more eractic. Antoinette fought, until the end, for freedom from Rochester's hold, and ultimately received it by freeing her soul from its earthly prison, her physical body.

In the letter, Antoinette's brother wrote to Rochester that her mother had alos shown signs of lunacy. After Cosway's death, Annette felt isolated, namely because the natives hated her, being the wife of a former slave owner/trader. But, her behavior took a turn for the worse when she met Mason who, like Rochester, seemd at first bearable. How many times did Annette tell Mason she wanted to leave the island because she didn't feel safe? Yet, did her permit her to? No. Mason kept his wife on so tight a leash that she too was driven insane.(his decision also resulted in the loss of Piere).

Men are pigs (the Victorian ones, at least....)

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Hmm... I never thought to connect them like that before. It definitely makes sense.

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