Immune to gloom

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"What's that?....Oh, it's a set-up, okay" (89)

America's Best Newspaper Writing

I plan on going to law school after college. I have often pondered how a person such as a lawyer or judge can spend there lives with the bottom rung of society, the scum of the earth. Now I have my answer: they have built up an immunity to the crime. I suppose that if, day in and day out, you see the same few types of crimes committed, and hear the same excuses fro defendants, that you would just let it roll off your back. The immunity is necessary, otherwise how could a judge hand down a decision that results in the execution of a fellow human being, guilty as they may be. I was shocked at how emotional (i.e shocked) Myer's article made me feel. Using not just facts, she wrote the article as a narrative (which I did not know was an acceptable form of newswriting in some cases). The judge lets the accused man's cries roll right of his back ("yeah yeah yeah, set-up, whatever..."), which is something I do not think I could do. But, then again, I am not a lawyer (yet). I am a common person, and we commoners have not built up an immunity to crime. Crime stories are interesting to people because they shock.

here's a bonus: what musical/movie is the title of my blog from (hint: it is a lyric in a song)

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Chicago was my first guess, given the setting of the story, but I can't think of anything with that line....


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