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"Most of the world is populated by decent people trying to do the best they can"

pg 43

America's Best Newspapers is not trying to disheartened people from journalism. Like IANS,  it gives us guidelines. No one is perfect, nore can a newspaper be. Everyone makes mistakes. It is in how you handle and fess up to those mistakes that people notice. Also, I now have a less negative feeling towards the press now that I have an idea of the processes that the ditors go through in deciding how and what to publish.

America's Best Newspapers teaches us how to handle accusations and mistakes.It also teaches us how to handle different areas of journalistic writing, such as crime and controversy. An article or picture that appears in the paper must have a good reason for being there: the editor must have felt that the public should see/read it. But, we need to make it evident to the reader why we put it there. (I had an experience with an article of mine last year, but my editor deemed it unfit for the small community we cater too. She felt it would have been fit to publish in a bigger, city-wide reaching. I wasn't writing to offend: the musical I wrote about was getting a lot of media coverage and I thought we should know more about it).

Okay, so maybe I was a little harsh on Anna. I suppose if there is continous coverage on an event, it is becuase there is hope that more stories will emerge and develope. The press waited long enough, and they found that the drugs Anna was taking were prescribed pain pills for an operation and anti-depressants she was taking to deal with her son's death. Now then, we have two linked stories. More waiting, and we discover more about Dannilyn's real father. Anna's death was only the beginning domino: they are still continuing to fall over.


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