Take Two: another one

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Since the last portfolio,I have come to doubt the credibility of the news a litte bit, thanks to our reading It Ain't Necessarily So. But, the book's real purpose was to make us question the news, not completely doubt it. IANS pointed out the aspects in which many newspapers are fallible, so we can learn to recognized when something is supspect. IANS taught us how to see the flaws in the news, where to look for them.

Coverage/ Timeliness:all entries, posted on time


An Unclear Truth

No Offense, but that's not what I asked

Not technically "lying", but....

Only Chicken????

Too Quick, Especially Through the Tunnel


Depth:  personal connections to the issues

Only Chicken????

Not Technically lying, but...


Interaction: these hit a chord with people

Not Technically lying, but...

No offense, but that's not what I asked..-this blog gathered heavily-worded reactions from two people who weren't even in our class. My views posted in this blog are the reasons I will never be able to be a sports reporter, due to my negative bias towards male athletes



What's the Truth?

Digging for Buried Treasure



Tell the Truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God

If at first you don't succeed, try try again


First Hand Experience

The Good and the Bad


Xenoblogging-these ones took some thought-comments grande


The Truth is out there


Never shut the president in the door


the exsistence of Mrs Boyle is no longer a myth


Wildcard: every portfolio, I have one blog that is my favorite-personal, nostalgic, and relevant, this is the one

Only Chicken???

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