They Saved Lisa's Brain....but not ours

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 "The Newspaper's editor said  without shame or chargrin that the move was part of a more general intent to reconfigure the newspaper's coverage of arts, including music and dance"

Goodbye to All That, Steve Wasserman

The loss of book reviewshas perhaps had a snowball effect. These reviews were, for many, the cause of reading. They told the reader whether or not the book was worth their while . Reviews of books peaked people's interests, and started them on the book. Now where do we get that literary push from? Oprah?! What makes her an authority on literature. The decline of book reviews means the decline of reading books in general.What is next? The theater? The symphony? Art? People seem to care more about what TMZ has to say about Britney than the lastest novel. This predicted situation reminds me of a particular Simpsons episode, during which Lisa laments on the decline of culture:

"We are a town of lowbrows, nobrows, and ignorami. We have eight malls, but no symphony. Thirty-two bars but no alternative theater. Thirteen stores that begin with ‘Le Sex.’" (They Saved Lisa's Brain)

Is this what we've come to?

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I guess I can kind of see your point, but how many people truly pay attention to reviews? There are probably just as many people that read books they find themselves without the need to have everything hand fed to them. I actually think it's pretty sad if people rely solely on what other's think to determine what they should do.

But I do definitely agree that there's a decline in culture. At this point in time, TV, movies, and popular music--in addition to the latest news on celebrities--are the most important things. Whenever it comes to watching plays, the average person would probably rather wait until it's turned into a movie--if that ever happens--than go see it in a theater.

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