Would you capitalize crack-cocaine whore?

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The answer is no: crack-cocaine whore is an informal title, and therefore does not get capitalized. This style rule is just one of the may things I have learned during Newswriting. I am such a better writer due to having taken this class. And now, as we will meet no more, I have a couple of reflective comments to make:

-Dr Jerz, your workload was, quite frankly, unbearable at times. I felt like I was going to break under the weight of the monumenta; amout of assigments (and I did on wednesday). I would never ever ask for an extension on a paper or assigment: that, for me, means that my professor thinks I cannot handle the work. I felt that at times during the year, you might not have considered that we have other demanding classes as well.

-the crime reporting lab was hysterical. "Janet baby, I love you!"

And now, it is with great relief and no sadness do I present to you, my newswriting bretheren, my final portfolio for the class:

Coverage/Timeliness: all entries, posted on time

Immune to Gloom

They saved Lisa's brain...but not ours

My first mistake

Bail out too soon

Over all

Watching paint dry

Just the facts...and then some

Not breaking...but still interesting

Backwards and forwards

Last blog entry of the semester...wooooooo!!!!

Depth: had a lot to say

my first mistake

bail out too soon

over all

not breaking but still interesting

backwards and forwards

last blog entry of the semester...wooo!!!

Interaction/ discussion-people liked these

watching paint dry

my first mistake

not breaking but still interesting



There's a lot of crime in chicago


Did we really need to know that?

Kinda like parents: you tell them what they want to hear


The public's skewered opinion


A true balance


Then read your own paper

Queens on the Diamond

Xenoblogging- comments primo


The amazing one sentence article


EL227. ABNW. Chapter 10. Great Stories Great Writing


Queens on the Diamond


my first journalistic mistake was an attributing issue. The person whom I should have given credit to found my blog and commented on it.

My first mistake


and I thus depart you, leaving you with the wisdom of Dr Jerz:

"as cool as Spongebob is, he's probably not a source you want to bring into a story where somebody is seriously injured or dead."


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There's nothing wrong with asking for an extension if you really need it. That's part of learning how to bear the unbearable -- prioritize according to what can give a little. You did bear it, Dani, and you can look back on a lot of great work to show for it.

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