There's no place like gnome

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"A Greensburg man accused of assaulting his stepdaughter with a gardem gnome early Wednesday was arrested"
Greensburg Man Attacks Daugther With Garden Gnome

I typed in local news in Westmoreland County and there it was. In a druken rage, the girl's step-father cut all the telphone lines, punched holes in the wall, and pushed his step-daughter. But why a gnome? The girl managed to push the drunken man outside onto the porch where he grabbed a garden gnome.

This story may seem trivial to many readers, but I think we can take some tips from it. For instance, the man arrvied back at his house at 4 a.m. drunk. Where did he get liquor at that hour? No person should be drinking during the prime sleep hours. Maybe we can take a cue from Charles Morrison; maybe the county should re-evaluate what the cut-off time for bars and liquor store sales should be. He shouldn't have even been drunk in the first place; this situation could have been prevented.

Moreover, the man could have killed somebody driving home. Maybe the county could start a "bar bus" service, where all customers inebriated at closing time are driven home safe and secure. But that still doesn't solve the problem of what would happen at home once the bus dropped him off.

The Setonian could springboard off this breaking news story. Since the focus is on community journalism this semester, maybe some of us could do some research (get ahold of some police reports and back articles) and examine how much of a problem (if any) drunk driving and alcohol-related crimes are in the county. Perhaps our students would have some suggestions as to how to apporach this problem. It would certainly involve the community. This article just peaked my interest; how many incidents like this one have occured?

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ChrisU said:

I like your idea, Daniella. I think a story like that would be a great way to appeal to members of the local community without abandoning the interests of our primary audience, SHU students.

Excellent analysis, Daniella. Very relevant and appropriate for a summer orientation issue, too.

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