100 and still grasping at straws

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yay, 100th blog entry!

"we find evidence that at one time this disk had at least two other games stored on it...a floppy disk can also reveal the hand of the reader or user" (127) Kirschenbaum 3

I guess it's sort of like a time capsule. Every person (advertently or inadvertently) leaves something behind. Gives you a clue as to what the previous person liked. Reminds me a little of when you try and record onto CDR's. If you recorded previous songs on the CD in one sitting, you cannot erase them; they are locked in place. At least with the disks, you can use all the storage space. If you record three songs and then stop, then the rest of the leftover memory is wasted.

It's great that you can keep reusing the disk. From what I can comprehend, the leftover programs do not interrupt the current ones. "The closest analogy might be to a photographic facsimile image of a printed page containing invisible writing" (128).  It transfers, but does it really affect the program? Is it just a harmless handprint?

"they seem to consume an inordinate amount of the player's attention by operating differently from any other subject in the game" (131)

"if a player picks up more than one not at the same time he or she will not have any control over whcih ine remains in hand" (131)

"perhaps they are a plot device of another kind" (131)

Maybe the notes are meant to distract the player and draw the game out a little bit. The player has to make a choice between two notes if he comes across them. Which one will benefit him? one? none? Do they have a point at all? It's a risk, and risks make games interesting (and often frustrating).

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Congrats on your 100th entry. When you get to be an old timer like me those days seem so long ago. Just wait until you are a senior and you look back at your archives. Anyway in regard to your first quote in this entry I see the floppy disk as a technological fingerprint. I would assume that the notes in the game are simply a plot motivator that changes the way in which the story plays out. A red herring so to speak.

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