portfolio 2- Print and Digital

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The following is a collection of the second round of blog entries for EL 336: History and Future of the Book at Seton Hill University. Since the last portfolio, the class has moved the focus on manuscript and oral culture to print and digital culture.

This class takes a lot of work because some of the books, mainly Cybertext, are on subjects that I am not familiar with at all. These blog entries serve to demonstrate my comprehension and thoughts on the assigned reading material. In addition to these blog entries, there is a paper due about every two weeks whcih seeks to synthesize the readings.

Also, I manage to work Harry Potter into almost every blog entry.

Covergae/Timeliness: all subjects were covered, all entries were on time

Three in One

Spoiled: Frederick Douglas

Sentiments on "If On a Winter's Night a Traveler": ????????

Fonzie and Harry

A Little Egotistical

Necessary Separation


The Value of the Paper Airplane

The Dementor's Kiss

Grasping at Straws

Interactions: these inspired deep thoughts from other classmates

A Little Egostistical-link isn't working

Super Retraction

The Dementor's Kiss

Depth: intellectual rants

Super retraction

The Value of the Paper Airplane

The Dementor's Kiss

Grasping at Straws



 WM Douglas

Calvino Ch. 6


EL-336 Aarseth-CYBERTEXT. The Great Space Coaster

EL 336: Sitting Waiting Willing-link isn't working

EL 336 McLuhan 91-180 Weight Lifting is for Barbarians

EL-336. Orwell-1984. I always feel like, somebody's watching me, and I got no privacy


Peanut Gallery


EL 336 Orwell Parts 1 & 2


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