Demon waves and little city

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Kirschenbaum 3

"they are resting places within the transmission process where the operating system pauses, evaluates the signal, check for errors, and corrects them before passing the reinvigorated signal further down the symbolic line, where it eventually gets delivered to the user in its "perfect and original form" (135)

So is that what is going on when there are all those clicks and buzzing sounds? Hard drives do make errors; mine has been acting up and has been closing documetns because it finds errors. That's why I'm in the library.

An image comes to mind of a series of tiny combs grooming the document in sucession. I have seen a hardrive, and there are millions of little bumps and magnetic strips. It looks like a tiny city. I bet every strip, bump, light, piece of metal has an individual grooming function. What goes on in there? Once I save a document, does the hardrive start humming like New York City.

The way the hardrive is described, you expect to end up with a perfect paper, but there is also human error to take into account. I guess the perfecting is in terms of signal, magnetic polarization, and electricity. Does this remind anyone of those coke commericals where the drink is constructed through a series of insanely complicated tasks?

"chimerical" (137) - is this a reference to Calvino?

I have to say that creating a demon face out of sound waves is genius


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