What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

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Here it is: my last portfolio for EL 336. Never before have I kad a more demanding class than this (except for general chemistry).  Even though I am only a sophmore, I put forth all of my effort because I knew that this class is my last one that really focused on writing. It was a chance to have my literary butt kicked and criticised. From this class, my writing has improved beyond what I thought it could. EL 336 stretched me to my breaking point frequently; I was often tense when handed in assigments. some of the material, mainly Aarseth and Kirschenbaum, was wuite difficult to comprehend and required closer readings. But it was all worth it. I look back on what I wrote as recent as last semester and the writing is barely recognizable. Thank you EL 336; I am glad to get rid of you, but I am glad that you taught me so much.

and Down and out in the Magic Kingdom was one of the most interesting books I have ever read.

Coverage/Timeliness: deadlines and content requirements met with all

The Trivialist in Me-many, many different thoughts on Aarseth

Bentham in the MUD-why Jeremy Bentham would have a problem with MUD's and chatrooms

The Conversion-Lesser's transition into digital communication

Kirschenbaum and Beckett-words are supposed to speak for themselves

The Stupidity of the Human Races mystifies me-the dangers of information publishing on the internet

100 and still grasping at straws-how a computer is like a timecapsule and if text games have distracting elements

Demon waves and little city-the computer has many operation going on all at once like a city; they all intertwine

traces of memory-on how Afternoon incorporates all the elements we love about reading a novel

another socratic slap...sort of-my final thoughts on Kirschenbaum, adressing permanence, ephemerality,and accuract of digital text

hitchhiker-gate-a huge ehtical issue regarding a piece of interactive fiction

needs, purposes, souls, and flight attendants-Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom and the dependence/need for preservation. What is memory?

I Kant believe what the world is coming to-parallels to "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", why Pixar movies are faker than fake, and why Kant would hate the Bitchum society

Interactions:I triggered something in the minds of others

Bentham in the MUD

Kirshcenbaum and Beckett

The Conversion


The Trivialist in Me

Bentham in the MUD

The Conversion

Kirschenbaum and Beckett

The Stupidity of the Human Races mystifies me

another socratic slap...sort of


needs, purposes, souls, and flight attendants

I Kant believe what the world is coming to

Discussion: what others wrote, I followed up on


A Well-Annotated Timeline

Racing Towards New Digital Solutions


Kirschenbaum 3 agenda item


Baio blog response

Doctorow 82-206



Kirshenbaum (end)

Doctorow-The Beginning


Kirshcenbaum (finish)



Kirschenbaum-Text Messaging



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