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I can't believe I've written that many...anyhow

since there is no slot for turnitin.com for EL 405, here is my goal statement:

Daniella Choynowski


New Media Projects

Dr Jerz

Goal Statement

  1. Blender 3-D

    This one is easily the most complex of the programs we will be using. Just by opening the program, you can see that it has at least a hundred buttons. Trying to make Blender work for me will probably be like trying to read hieroglyphics: incredibly hard, but doable. When researching Blender online, I found that I was barely able to understand the language describing the functions: widget, python expressions, LBM, etc. I really don't even know where to begin. I think that Blender will probably be the “El 336 research paper” of the semester, by which I mean that I will be very glad once I have conquered it, but will hate the process.

  2. Adobe Flash

    This is the tool I am most excited to use. I have wanted to learn how to make a flash animated cartoon ever since I saw Neil Cicierega's cartoons. Neil created a genre called animutation, which is essentially a flash animation parody of pop culture. Basically, this is where I move beyond my observational sarcasm print cartoons. From what I gather from my research, all the characters in flash cartoons are created in a drawing applications, which is great for me because I cannot draw well. There is a reason why there is only a man's hand in my next Setonian cartoon-all human characters end up looking like stick figures. The drawing application will allow greater fine-tuning of character features.

  3. Inform 7

    I hope we are going to discuss this tool and have a lot of practice time, because I understand about a fourth of the Wikipedia entry. From what I can make out, Inform 7 is a tool used to make advanced interactive fiction programs. My brain is already hurting from reading a sample “source code”. My only interest in interactive fiction was that of last semester's class. I am an imaginative person, but I also like having descriptions and occasional pictures present in the text. Part of the appeal of the “Harry Potter Series” is that Rowling gives such a flowery description of the setting, but every person is free to piece together the descriptions as they see fit. Most interactive fiction samples that I have seen, those of Mechanisms read: you are standing in front of a house. But what kind of house? What does it look like? I don't want to be told outright what it looks like, but guided into a certain direction. Naturally, I could make the interactive game as I see fit, but it seems that part of these games' appeal is that they are blank slates for the player's imagination, and not the creator's.

  4. CamStudio

    This tool could actually prove useful to me, as I am trying to start an Internet show with some friends back home. From the official website, I gather that I could animate the beginning segment to be played at the beginning of every show, sort of like a news logo. I cannot remember if this is the program that Dr. Jerz said can create a “Myst” like program with still images on the wall. If so, then I could use CamStudio to make a really cool honors presentation, sort of a virtual museum of my Paris pictures with captions about each place.

Blender 3-D and Inform 7 may seem overwhelming now, but I am sure that I will look back on my course samples at the end of the semester with the same kind of frustrated fondness that I now have for my EL 336 papers. Yes, there were parts of that class that I certainly enjoyed more that others, but all was worthwhile. The same shall go for El 405. I want to be able to work all 4 programs adequately; this is my overall goal for the class. My project goal is to either create a new flash animation parody or create the virtual museum. Either way, the research required for this goal statement has made me less apprehensive and more excited about this class. Yes, it is a means to an end, because I am not going to be pursuing a post-graduate career in new media. I am here for the writing. So my goal is essentially to have fun while creating a good product.

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The slot on 405 is open an other students have used it, so please sign up for the class and submit it there sometime Friday.

Blender3D is the tool that would create a Myst-type game. CamStudio would create the kind of tutorial that we used in class today -- where you are watching someone else's computer screen and listening to that person's voice tell you what's going on.

I'll be happy to meet with you one-on-one and help you get over some rough spots.

I'll stick with the flash animated cartoon.

No blender for me

and I don't know how to sign up for the class on turnitin w/out an ID and password

OK, I see you've uploaded it now. Thanks.

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