Be Careful

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It's a substantial change in how we engage in discourse, especially in this country," -Alex Halavais, Freedom of Speech Redefined by Blogs

EL 236

It was kind of odd to see our little school in the news. By now, I'm so used to the daily blogging that I barely realize it is part of what sets us apart from other schools.

I think that one of the reasons why we have had so few violations is because we are using thiese blogs in lew of tests and quizzes. They are proof to classmates and professors that we are learning. But I believe the fact that the blogs are student blogs makes us more cautious of what we put on them. We are aware of our audience.

I believe the term "private blog" is an oxymoron. You may have it set to private, so that only youre friends can see what you write. But these accounts are easily hackable. Who hasn't been myspace spammed at least once? Both my myspace and facebook accounts have been hacked into in  the past, and while I have nothing on either short of an occasional melodramatic "I hate this class", it still wasn't pleasant to have to go and write on everyone's walls stating that I did not post offer (or something similar).

If you have something to say or need to vent, go down to one of your friend's dorm rooms and have a chat. Or keep a diary-a paper one. Or go to Toys-R-Us and buy one of those inflatable bop bags and go at it.

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Shellie Polly said:

hahahaha Dani you make a very good point! I agree that its a lie, if someone tells you that what you have on the internet is "private". Even when you have the option to set it...guarenteed if anyone wanted to get your information they could. Just like you said. I also agree that we are cautious about what we write in our blogs. I think of blogs as more of "work" and facebook as more of "fun" and "social". When writing your think, the prof. will see this. I cant say ughh I hate your guts or anything like that. But on feel safe and say whatever you want..not realizing that anyone can see it. Its one big crazy mess if you get caught in somethng like that! Good points!

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