Almost There

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Despite the fact that some things started to go wrong towards the end, I have completed the website. Still, the following problems persist:

1)in Ceramics, I never could get the images to pad.

It turns out the mimic shadow function was working the entire time and I didn't notice.

2) in Index

the navigation bar jpg was not on the cookwood website to downlad, so I just grabbed the image directly from the site (the effect was the same)

<img src="" alt="" width="75" height="314" />

3)in Index, for some reason I cannot figure out, the navigation bar links appear off the upper right had corner of the navigation bar

whatever, I'll fix these tomorrow in class. Maybe someone can enlighten me as to what I am doing wrong.

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Dan, I notice that you have some issue with creating html pages. I believe I can help you (if you like to). But I have some problem to understand you question.

1. What is 'to pad' and 'mimic shadow function was working' means? Can you send me your web page, that help me to understand your problem?

2. Well, what effect? The code itself for sure is correct, but you have to check the relative code, if the you did not display the web page correctly.

3. I cannot understand what is 'appear off the upper right had corner of the navigation bar'.

I am sorry for my English, but if you do need any help, feel free to let me know, I would have patient to figure it out.

Best Regards.

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