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Kernell mum on allegations son hacked into Palin's email

After reading the headline alone, I had a picture in my mind of what the hacker looked like. I pictured a pale unkept man with glasses who sat at his basement computer day and night, only moving to microwave his burritos. A person trolling the internet out to ruin people's lives.

Then I read the first paragraph. Never would I have suspected a senator's son. But remember that he is currently a suspect.

"The evidence is tenuous. In fact, one of the first blogs to allege that the son of a Democratic politician was responsible relied on e-mail tips and described its evidence as “pretty thin.”"

The rumor mill can constantly output new accusations. As I am typing, someone on the internet is probably writing a blog blasting David Kernell for "doing what he did." I don't know if this one is supposed to be a joke, but it sure is twisted. The blogger has dug up so many things from kernell's past. To me, the stuff the blooger dug up makes him, not David look stupid. Why would you make fun of someone for being in a mental institution? They were getting help! Just because someone was in a mental hospital for a bit does not mean they are crazy. And of course, only a crazy person such as david could be the hacker (this is sheer and utter sarcasm here, folks). 

People have even began ripping David's personal blog.Yes, there are some gramatical errors, but it's a personal blog, not an academic one! While I pride myself in trying to be gramtically correct in all blogs, facebook and academic alike, my Seton Hill blog is definately of a higher standard. Give the kid a break.

And why is it safe to assume that "rubico10" is David. I don't remember how I registered for an email account (it was too long ago). I'm going to go attempt to do so under a fake name. If you have to offer identification such as a SSN, then the FBI would have no problem uncovering the identity of the hacker (unless the SSN was stolen as well).

 I just checked on yahoo. Any person can enter any information they would like about themselves, whether it be true or false. You can create a new identity.

"searches show someone uses the handle “rubico” on chess Web sites. In addition, an inactive blog, with one post dated May 2004, included “rubico” as a username. Its author identified himself as a chess player from Memphis named David."

That David could be anybody. Maybe that person's real name isn't even David. It's these kinds of comments that make people start thinking "hmmm..maybe it was him. But where is the proof? This is all heresay.

Now for the big, anticlimatic reveal:

"what I concluded was anticlimactic, there was nothing there, nothing incriminating, nothing that would derail her campaign as I had hoped"

Aww, what a let down, rubico10. I bet you feel like Geraldo when he opened the vault. Do you feel important? I mean, at least Geraldo had a reason for breaking into the vault. Al Capone was the most famous gangster in history. There could have been all sorts of things in there. What were you expecting to find in Palin's emails? (yes,I know this is an election year, and I know that people are going to try and dig up dirt on the candidates; but still, she hasn't been suspected of anything other than wrongfully terminating her ex brother-in-law).  


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Christina Celona said:

Even if David isn't guilty of the "hacking" (if you count consulting wikipedia as hacking), I think this is a good lesson for anyone who has forgotten that the internet is not a kindergarten playground where everyone is bff's.

I'm not saying we should all go around breaking into each others email accounts, but I think the fault lies with Palin for this one. She's the one who left her email unprotected. Rubico10 didn't need 1337 h4x0r skillz to break into her email. You or I could have done it just as easily if we weren't actually, you know, doing things with our lives.

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