Good, but not good enough (for me)

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I did get through the rest of the assignment. Besides the fact that I still cannot get the padding and mirroring the background to work right (but Dr Jerz did say that may not be my fault, since my coding is exactly the same as the book's), everything else appears just as it should. I evern tried to go beyond and start creating the header logo. And here is where I ran into some problems. I do not have photoshop elements, and I am not buying it. My computer crashed in March. Everything got wiped off the hardrive and the company only sent me the basics with the new hardrive. I downloaded "Gimp 2" and other than how to change the font, I thought I had created an okay header. I do not know how to make the logo transparent, because the instructions in the book are for photoshop elements on a MAC. I did save the header as a gif. It came up looking slightly squashed and placed to the left of the home page. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

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In class I can show you how to make it transparent. Can you bring your laptop to class? If not, I can install The Gimp on the teacher's station and show you there.

Andy Lonigro said:

Even though I'm probably not as far along as Dani is, I'd like to see how to make it transparent as well. Just so I'll know how to do it when I get to that point.

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