Gorillas in the mist....and on the hill?

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"some student staffs rent costumes, such as a gorilla or the school mascot, to hand deliver a paper"-24 SNSG

I scanned the entire chapter for an interesting idea, and there it was on page 24. As reporters, we hope that our writing is enough to draw people to the paper. According to Robert F. Stevenson, sometimes content alone is not enough. Staffers get excited whenever a new issue comes out, but a pile of papers stacked in a corner or on a table may be easily passed over by some. I think that the town crier approach may be too much, but there is perhaps an underlying point here. The locations around campus where we drop off the papers, I feel, need to catch the student's attention more. Maybe some new and colorful signs should be constructed. I'd be willing to do so-perhaps this could count as an excercise/project for the class ?

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my second question: I just want to know if anyone would actually don the gorilla suit..come on, you know you want to. Make distribution day memorable!

p.s. I will personally pay someone $20 if they wear a gorilla suit on a distribution day

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he's dancing because we had a good issue!

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Actually, I could probably get the Griffin costume for someone to distribute papers. It would count for the EL200 lab!

Megan Seigh said:

Well, I don't know if I personally would be brave enough to wear that suit! But I think it's a really good idea to make a big deal about the papers coming out. Personally, when I first started school last year, I had no idea where to find a newspaper. I know where to get one now but they are just sitting in a wire rack? It is never pleasing to the eye and it is hard to put forth the effort to pick one up when it doesn't look interesting...all I can say is it would be a great idea to do something about this, even if it means dressing up in a Griffin costume!!

Daniella Choynowski said:

don't worry, I don't have the guts either. I try to limit pubic embarassing myself a semester.

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