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"Within hours, the anonymous multitudes were wrapping the tragedy of Mitchell’s death in absurdity."-Schwartz

Some people make me sick. They have no idea what else could have been going on in this young man's life. For all they knew, he could have had a chemical imbalance. I mean, killing yourself over an ipod does sound ridiculous at first, but then you start to think: there has to be more to the story.

How dare those kids torture Mitchell's poor, grieving parents!? Where on earth is the humor? It's not funny. It's sheer cruelty.

 "Rules would be simple: 1. Do whatever it takes to get lulz. 2. Make sure the lulz is widely distributed. This will allow for more lulz to be made. 3. The game is never over until all the lulz have been had.”

Trolling to me translates to: I am so bored and pathetic that I have to run around an attempt to ruin people's lives because mine sucks so much. I get pleasure out of watching people squirm. When people respond to my comments, it makes me feel important because people appear to actually car about what I said.

I'm sorry (not really), but trolls are morons, and I don't care who sees this.

"but his passion is trolling, “pushing peoples’ buttons.” 

That's really kind of sad, Jason. I'm sure you would be a fascinating psychology study.

I remember hearing about Megan Meier. Poor thing. And her former friend's mother wanted to know if Megan was gossping about her daughter?! All kids gossip! Everyone in this class gossips! it is a part of life.

Megan could have been a really lonely girl, which would explain why she would have become attached to someone (albeit an online someone) who was showing her kindness. People are vulnerable when they are depressed. She probably went into a state of shock when the boy, whom she had cared for, suddenly began rejecting her. 

Lori Drew is a fool. Her little experiment reminds me of a quote I found on a stupid goverment calendar:

"Extensive Navy research shows that under extreme cold, water feeezes"


"The last she heard from Jason was a letter telling her to kill herself. “Jason is a young man in a great deal of emotional pain,” she said, crying as she spoke. “Don’t be too harsh. He’s still my son.”-Fortuny's Mother

A mother's love must be really strong, because Iif someone sent me something like this, I'd kick their butt.

"He, not Lori Drew, Fortuny told me, was the blog’s author. After watching him log onto the site and add a post, I believed him. The blog was intended, he says, to question the public’s hunger for remorse and to challenge the enforceability of cyberharassment laws like the one passed by Megan’s town after her death."

To me, that explanation sounds like a cop-out. There are probably more civil and proper ways to go about getting internet laws enacted. The situation was seriously enough. A girl died; death is the most severe thing on the planet. To someone who supposedly had a rough life, Fortuny conducted himself with little to no sensativity. If anything, I would expect someone with a past like his to sympathize with Megan.

“So the message is ‘buy a helmet,’ and the medium is a bat to the head?” I asked."

Yes! Schwartz sees the stupidity in the logic! 

 "The willingness of trolling “victims” to be hurt by words, he argued, makes them complicit, and trolling will end as soon as we all get over it."

Yes, but we are all human and we all let our emotions get the best of us sometimes. You can have a thick skin, but no one is inpenatrable.

 "We need to put these people in the oven!”-Weev

What a disgusting person. This man needs to be locked up. Fortuny at least tried to give logic behind his thinking (however warped it was).

"Does free speech tend to move toward the truth or away from it? When does it evolve into a better collective understanding? When does it collapse into the Babel of trolling, the pointless and eristic game of talking the other guy into crying “uncle”? Is the effort to control what’s said always a form of censorship, or might certain rules be compatible with our notions of free speech?"-Schwartz

Damn straight!!! There's got to be some rules; without them, there will be utter kaos.

"Be conservative in what you do; be liberal in what you accept from others.”

I think this quote sums up netiquette.

 What a fantastic article. Schwartz is a really intelligent person.

 Trollers may see themselves as:

But I see them as:

random fact: I typed "ugly disgusting evil trolls" in google images and one of the first pictures that came up was Hilary.

speaking of idiots, here are some famous ones for you, then back to class:

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Amen, Dani. Couldn't have said it any better.

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